EuroDome references

As it can be seen in our reference photos, according to our clients’ requirements, our company and our professionals design, manufacture, and distribute standardized or customized EuroDome astronomical domes control systems, standardized or customized telescope systems, instruments for:

  • private users,
  • educational purposes,
  • exhibitions, displays,
  • astronomical, technical theme or scince parks,
  • professional astronomical needs.

Our clients can rely on our professional advice either there is a concrete or a previously not defined, general astronomical request. We undertake the professional compilation of any tender documentation!
Our reference Gallery introduces the references of our company and the personal references of our professionals with a non-exhaustive list. For further or more detailed information please contact our company (e.g.:EuroDome astronomical domes, control systems, customized domes, telescope systems, planetariums, astronomical instruments, meteorites etc.).
(If You click on the photos you can see them in bigger size!)

Hungary, Győr, private astronomical dome

Hungary, Győr, private astronomical dome

Hungary, Kecskemét, educational astronomical dome of the college

Hungary, Esztergom, private astronomical dome

Hungary, Nyúl, private astronomical dome

Hungary, Budapest, private astronomical dome

Hungary, Mosonmagyaróvár, astronomical dome of the scientific theme park

Slovakia, display, public astronomical domeó

Automatically controlled telescope systems, customized telescopes and mechanics withcontrol:

3 telescopes, German mechanics

One individual 40 cm telescope

40 cm ACF + CCD camera

CAD pre-design

Fine tuning

40 cm ACF, German mechanics

LUNT solar telescope, assembled

ACF telescope, CCD camera

All-sky CCD camera


Hungary, Bakonybél, Pannoncsillagda, astronomical science exhibition and theme park

Hungary, mobileplanetarium, 5-6 m diameter, optional projecting instrument quality

Astronomical cameras, mechanics, accessories, meteorites, other tools

Astronomical CCD cameras

Automatic Go-To telescope mechanics


Astronomical spectroscopes

Meteorite collections

Antique telescopes

JPL Rover replica, other replicas

Astronomical software products

Astronomical books, maps

Astronomical pictures, measures taken by our customers

Éta Carinae diffuse nebula

Large-Magellanic Cloud

Horsehead Nebula

M27 Dumbbell planetary Nebula

Crab-Nebula, SN remnant

Omega Centauri globular cluster

Diamond Ring, 2006

Total Eclipse, 2006

Partial Eclipse

2 supernovaes in one photo


Spectrum of M57