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EuroDome astronomical domes

Our experts have been developing, designing and manufacturing professional astronomical domes for more than 15 years,in standardized and piece production,under the brand name of EuroDome. According to the current demands our domes are transported with in-house developed, motorized drive systems, Dome Automation System – DAS, weather monitoring and user-friendly control applications(EuroDome Control App 2.0). Our products meet the requirements of astronomy at a starter level, displays, and professional astronomy in a mature and safe way at the 21st century level of modern and up-to-date instrumental technique. Due to our operational experiences and our clients’ constant feedback the product development is continual; therefore our consumer always receives the newest technology and the generally widespread operating system of ASCOM platform.

EuroDome 3,4 dome

EuroDome 3,4 dome

DAS Automation System

Motors, mechanics

EuroDome Control A. 2.0

Crane on-site



The vast professional expertise of our mechanical engineers, architects, electrical engineers, engineers for plastic industry and professional astrophysicist have been used to design, develop and manufacture our products. Thus, all of our customers can discover the mysteries of the Universe, make scientific research or measures with the aid of the aesthetic, well-designed, reliable, user- friendly and weather-resistant EuroDome astronomical domes.
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Astronomical instruments, planetariums

Questions often arise among our customers about what kind of astronomical instrument, image recording device, measuring equipment, software product and accessory should be installed in the astronomical dome? A free service is provided to recommend to our clients-to-be not only the astronomical dome and its completely automated control system, but on request we give professional advice on choosing telescope instrumentation, namely we handle the astronomical activity as a whole by considering the detailsfrom the phase of architectural design to the final installation of the dome and its instruments. We possess architectural, engineering technical samples, drawings and after getting familiar with our customers’ demands in details we purchase the whole instrumentation of the astronomical dome from acknowledged manufactures.
Such as:
  • astronomical domes, completely automated control with electronics and software,
  • astronomical domes, completely automated control with electronics and software,
  • CCD cameras, focus motors, filter wheels, filters, spectroscopes, oculars, accessories,
  • digital planetariums, projectors, domes, seats, sound systems
  • other astronomical products: meteorites, antique telescopes, books, software products, maps,
  • spacecraft replicas of museum quality, e.g.: NASA Mars Rover.

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Telescope systems

Automatic GoTo mounts

Astronomical CCD camera


Mobil planetariums

Mobil planetáriumok

Meteorites for sale

Antique telescopes

Price formation

Our objective is to form the prices of our products according to quality, performance and up-to-date technique within the scope of reasonable and competitive price categories.
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You can find starter astronomers operating private astronomical domes among our clients,similarly to educational institutions such as schools, universities, or museums, scientific and technical theme parks.
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Professional consultation, design, assembly, installation, system integration

For the operation of a well-equipped astronomical dome several technical, installation and setting tasks are required besides fine tuning operations. Naturally, our company undertakes the local installation of the instruments and the system integration on site along with future consultancy and general maintenance. Our company provides all of our partners with the principle‘EVERYTHING IN ONE HAND’. Our astronomical domes and instrumentations are available across the Globe, we transport to any country.

Our Website

You are recommended to browse our WEBSITE and download our brochure including appropriate technical information in order to get familiar with our products and to acquire an overall image about manufacture, installation, control and software products. In case of any question you are encouraged to turn to our company and colleagues experienced in design, manufacture and implementation.

Thank you for your attention and we do hope you can be soon greeted as a proud owner of an exceedingly high-quality astronomical dome under the brand name of EuroDome!