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Professional products

Probably all the amateur or other astronomers dream about a professional, completely automated, reliably operatingstate-of-the art astronomical dome which represents the technical standards of the 21st century. Our company has been developing and producing astronomical domes, control systems, software products for more than 15 years, not only for private users but for professional ones, for educational institutions, universities and for displays. The professional expertise of our mechanical engineers, architects, electrical engineers, engineers for plastic industry and professional astronomers have been used to design, develop and manufacture our products. Thus, all our customers can discover the mysteries of the Universe with the aid of theaesthetic, well-designed, reliable, user- friendly and weather-resistant EuroDome astronomical domes.

Up-to-date technology

Our products are under continuous improvement, they can be controlled by several ways; our software products adapt to the conditions of the latest Information Technology, they are ASCOM compatible and naturally they can be ordered with versatile expandable options.

Competitive price

The competitive price represents the triad of aesthetics, high-quality technical standards and performance.

Our experienced professionals

Our company and our professional staff - with decades of professional experience and comprehensive consultation capacity - help our clients from the phase of architectural design to the final installation of the dome. We possess architectural,engineering technical samplesand, on request, we obtain the whole instrumentation for the observatory as a unified system in order to realize the objectives of astronomical observation at its best: from telescope systems, CCD camera, filters, spectroscope or any other complementary apparatus to planetariums. We undertake local installation and system integration on site along with future consultancy and maintenance.

Detailed information

You are recommended to browse our WEBSITE and download our brochure including appropriate technical information in order to get familiar with our products and to acquire an overall image about manufacture, installation, control and software products.

We hope you can be soon greeted as a proud owner of an exceedingly high-quality astronomical dome under the brand name of EuroDome!